Co-study meetup


Copy of Copy of co-study meetup poster (playful)

We all have that one point in our study session where we feel lost, not know what the question is, feel dazzled by how weird the concepts are and lonely, as you can’t easily find anyone to study with to help you tackle that ordeal. If you do feel that way and you would like to meet up, get to know more people than co-study meetup is the right event for you. You will not only study but also get to know more people, trade knowledge, study tricks, have fun and gain a better understanding of the subject. Besides, let’s not forget that Lex will be giving you printables and teach you how the printables could help you throughout your studying, also the organization tips and tricks which she uses to stay organized in school. Basically, it is going to be a fun session with free food and drinks as well, isn’t that amazing?

Each meetup will only focus on one VCE subject, where Lex will try her best to help you out BUT there will be general meetups as well, where everything will be done in a larger scope and not a specific one.

There are no fixed dates or venues for our meetup but if any will be held, it would be posted on this page, Instagram and our Facebook page.