How to start coding

Coding is something which could be considered as an important skill today, causing most of us to have the interest to learn it.  Yet we tend to question on how and where we should start. Believe me, I was also in that position when I was about to start and it took a good amount of time for me to finally have the real start and actually code.

Choose a language to start with

One thing which I realized after “starting” is that I was not starting properly. I decided to learn multiple languages in one go which was indeed a bad thing to do as I am not getting anything from learning a lot but confusion. I then decided to stop doing multiple languages and chose one. HTML is a great start for beginners, if you want some challenge then you could reside to Python and if you want to have a fun start, C is the best option to go with.

Do online courses 

When I started coding, I started off with Codecademy because it was free and its amazing user interface makes coding really exciting. As we might require a code in the near future, I actually made a special notebook which has a summary of what I learnt and it also helps me remember it after writing it. Codecademy is not my only source though, I also go for other sites like Udacity, Khan Academy and some others.

Be consistent in practicing and keep on learning

As you start learning a language, one of your main goals would be having a good grip of that language which you decided to focus on. Try to allocate a time where you practice coding everyday and play around as you try to discover the magic tricks which you could do with coding. Choose a certain time and day, put it in your weekly schedule and use that dedicated time as coding time where you use it to learn new things or make things. Use as much resources as possible and challenge yourself in the most challenging way possible.

When you feel confident with one language, feel challenged to try more things then it would be much easier for you to pick up another language. Some languages complements one another, like HTML, CSS and Java, where you could produce a website from the collision of those three languages. Overall, you cannot be an  expert at a language after completing a course. Keep on practicing and challenging yourself, in that way you could be better at it because practice makes perfect.


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