10 tips for handling exam stress

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When an exam comes, it only comes once and it is basically similar to my principles with opportunities, it only comes once and its return is an enigma. My grades aren’t astonishingly astounding but good enough for some but I tend to have a fear towards examination. A fear of failing. I feel nervous every time I enter the examination hall, the confidence which was once in mind, escaped into thin air as stress, pressure, nervousness and fear took over. Thank God that my effort to get rid of it was worth it, as my fear towards examinations surrendered to motivation which assures me that stressing out is not the key to success.  In this article, I will give you 10 tips which could help you bid adieu to all the fear and nervousness during exams.

  1. Stay positive 

Staying positive before exams sound so easy, if you have studied properly but at times, the positivity might kiss us goodbye when we need it the most. Why positivity? How dare you dump me? Simple to say that we might be over thinking way too much than required and start thinking about the negative things which might not or WILL NOT happen. This doesn’t happen to everyone all the time but if it does, take a inhale and exhale slowly to clear all the existing negativity.

  1. Have (sufficient) confidence

I have been doing this since grade 8, as confidence could boost or boom your results. When you are under-confident, you might not have the guts to answer (m)any questions and when it is in excess, you would proudly mess up and only realise that all errors are indeed frivolous. How do you have the right amount then? Stay humble.

  1. Do not over think

Stress, pressure, fear etc will not always come before the exam. They might come in the middle of the test when you are thinking too much till you cannot think anymore. Some questions might be (very) hard but in this case, I suggest you to break the questions and get the main point of each part or find the main logic behind the question.

  1. Easy then hard

This is actually something which many adults told me and as I grow up, I started understanding why. When a hard question pops out of nowhere, we tend to take too much time till we don’t get the chance to do the others or to make matters worst, forget everything. Doing the easy ones first will definitely give you the confidence to do the hard ones and it definitely saves your time, as a time deficit could actually cause stress to come.

  1. Never panic

This actually goes for many things in life, panicking brings you nowhere but once you stay calm and thinking about the solution, would actually kill all the negativity arousing before it grabs the moment to cease your mind.

  1. Have fun

Do not think that exams are all about grades, enjoy and chill as you treat the questions as an interesting problem. Basically, enjoy it and do not be too desperate, JUST desperate and have fun but still take it seriously.

  1. Prepare well

When you prepare well, it means that the chances for you to forget decreases and the stress decrease too, as you have a belief that you can do the exam.

  1. Do a mini recap before the exams

Some more revising could give confidence you but for this, I suggest you to go the contents page and try to remember the key points from the topic or chapter.

  1. Have low expectations

Let’s keep this simple by saying that expectations are the cause of heartbreaks.

  1. Tell yourself that you can do it

Motivate yourself and never degrade yourself, as you are the one doing your exams and no one else.

Basically, that’s what I usually do but there a million ways to handle exam stress, you could do things like praying as it actually lifts your weight and maybe talking. But remember that exams are to be enjoyed and not to be cursed, as long as you give effort and believe in yourself, you could do the exams. Try to get rid of stress, for it will bring you nowhere.


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