“We must never forget to pray, and to ask God to remember us when He is arranging things, so that we too may feel safe and have no anxiety about what is going to happen.”
― Johanna Spyri, Heidi

Little joys in our life, could bring big joys to others. That is what this novel taught me.

This novel is indeed a heartwarming one, which manages to awe its readers. Heidi is an orphan who was raised by her aunt Dete but was then sent to Alm-Uncle, who lives in the Alps. Years passed by and her aunt Dete, decided to bring her to Frankfurt and make her a hired companion of a wealthy lass named Clara, who is considered invalid.  With no doubt, many things happened when she moved to Frankfurt. Life was not as happy as the Alps, albeit she received more comfortable things in Frankfurt, like a better bed and white rolls of bread, things which she cannot have in the Alps.

The friendship grew in the midst of these two girls, yet Heidi still failed to survive living in Frankfurt.  Fräulein Rottenmeier, the strict housekeeper of the Sessemann household might be a reason for Heidi to not enjoy it there. Unfortunately, that was not the main ordeal. Many things which happened was not according to what Heidi wanted, there was no fresh air nor breathtakingly beautiful scenery to lift up Heidi’s atmosphere. Clara’s grandmother came and spread plenty of light to Heidi’s life, she also brought out the value of religion along with the use of praying. She proved that God does exist, as miracles happened after she learnt about the existence of God, who is always there for us. She also managed to bring Alm-Uncle to church, which is indeed an astoundingly astonishing fact for the one who lived in the Alps.

From Heidi, I learnt that ‘Happiness’ is different in everyone’s perspective. Johanna Spyri expressed many things which should be learnt by some children today, many aspects of life was taught in a pristine manner which could be understood by every age groups easily. Heidi has no ego and shows that she tries to be grateful for anything she has.

I would definitely rate this book a 10/10.


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