Tales From The Arabian Nights

Another novel with compilations of amazing short stories but I find this different from the others. Each story did not end with a flat one but it always gives the readers to keep on moving through the book as there are chances for the next story to be related and if it is not then you would not regret reading it at all. The story takes place in the Middle East with a King who was deceived by his wife and he decided to do horrifying things to women as a form of vengeance to his wife. But everything changed after taking the lives of many innocent beauties, a cunning woman named Scheherazade decided to marry the king which was indeed a risk but it does not end there. Every night, she tells a story which she kept on hold till the next day.

The version that I read was the selected stories version by Andrew Lang which was published by Wordsworth classics, all of the stories had different concepts from the other and it is a compilation of tales which had been told for generation from mouth to mouth and now it is a book, which is also known as “One Thousand and One Night”. The style of the book is indeed an amazing way to narrate a story which managed to make me addicted albeit I got bored in some stories.

There are actually unexpected stories like Aladdin which had a significant difference with the one displayed by Disney. My favourite story is Sinbad, as his adventures astounds me beyond what words could explain.  He managed to show that success is not received in a blink of an eye but it takes plenty of efforts and loads of bumps before comfort is met. There are also funny stories and moral stories which you should definitely check out.

Thus I would like to end this by rating it a 7 out of 10 as some stories are pretty boring albeit some could glue your eyes to the book.


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