Simple Agenda Instructions

For 2017, I decided to make printables for planning and organizing, so I thought about making a simple agenda which I will publish before a month starts except for January. This printable comes in a form of  a booklet which might be pretty complicated as not every software could print in an immediate form of a booklet. So in this post, there will be two kinds of files which is the one ready to be printed as a booklet and the ones in simple forms.

Materials required:

  • A4 paper
  • staplers

Step 1-Print the booklet

the A4 version
The booklet version

Click on the picture and print it in the form which uses both sides of the paper. Dor the A4 version, be sure to make it flip on the long edge and for the booklet one, be sure that it is flipped on the short edge.

Step 2

After printing it, arrange it in a proper order for the A4 but for the booklet, fold it into half and combine them. After that, you just need to staple it. In the case of the booklet, use the side which has the cover and stapler the middle part of the paper whilst for the A4, just staple the left side of it.

Well, there are the two simple steps for making the simple agenda which I will publish before every month starts. I hope that you will have fun making it and do not forget to tag me on instagram, mention me on twitter or post a picture of your results on facebook. Feel free to send me a DM on instagram or send me an email, just in case you feel confused about the proccess.

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