A Rocky Christmas in Tanah Lot

Some might be having a white Christmas or a bustling Christmas but this year, I had a rocky Christmas which is kind of sandy with plenty of sun radiating its heat to the ground. I was on my vacation in Bali and even though it was my second time there, I had a blast and I am looking forward to coming back as I hadn’t gone surfing or done any extreme water activities. This Christmas was different from the others, instead of spending the day in a bustling city. We spent our afternoon in Tanah Lot Temple or Pura Tanah Lot after going to church.

Tanah Lot is a place which I consider to have plenty of coastal landforms. It has plenty of landforms and if you do not understand coastal erosion in school, then Tanah Lot would help you learn about it as it has almost every landform available in my geography textbook. Besides that, the view is indeed magnificent albeit it is natural. This majestic site, also has snakes and there is a snake cave which has a holy snake, a myth said that if you touch the holy snake and make a wish, your wish will come true.

Tanah Lot Panoramic view-25/12/16-Picture taken by Alex S

My Christmas would have been better if the waves weren’t two meters high and if the wind wasn’t too harsh but overall, it was an amazing Christmas as I felt closer to nature. I also went to the temple, which gave an astounding angle of the surroundings that I could not describe with words. A suggestion for you to visit this place, is to check on the weather or come in the early morning. Visiting during the sunset would be amazing, as Bali has an amazing sunset which could be seen from any part of Bali.

It does not sound like Christmas but that was how I spent my rocky Christmas in Tanah Lot. I called it rocky as there are many rocky landforms there but it was an amazing place to visit, even though it would be really windy as the only thing that you would miss is going to the beach. But I must say, that  it was actually a well distinguished Christmas for me as I usually enjoy the Christmas lunch with my family at a restaurant or at a relative’s house but this time, it was at the park in Tanah Lot. You could also have a picnic there and it is indeed an enjoyable one, as it is not that crowded and the grass are not really rough in my opinion.

So if you would like to explore Bali or visit this magnificent island, I suggest Tanah Lot as its beauty is beyond what words could describe. and you need not have an amazing camera to take astounding pictures there as all the pictures in this post are taken with an iphone 4s and it has no filters or edits. This site is located in Tabanan, around 20 kiolmetres from Denpasar and all the landforms here are natural, shapes by the waves and the tides. The best time to visit is during low tides or when the wind is not fierce.


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