Wrapping Christmas Presents With Envelopes

Christmas is less than a week away and in this post, I will be showing you on how do I wrap books.I am not an expert in wrapping or drawing or painting, so I will tell you about the weird drawings in order for  you to be prepared before seeing my horrendous artworks.

Anyways, the main reason for me to make my own wrappers albeit it does not look really good is because I want it to look distinguished. I do not only paint with brushes but I also use tissues, screwdrivers, my fingers and anything that I could use to paint. In this post I will also tell you the steps for decorating with candle wax.

Materials required:

  • Large envelope which has the strings 
  • Paint
  • Brush
  • Colour pens
  • Candles
  • Pencil
  • erasers

The list would become longer but the main essential is the envelope, you could decorated your envelope with anything that you want. The main reason is that, I want your christmas creativity to fly around your mind and make your wrappers look different from the others.So, lets start…

Step 1

Sketch or Plan the envelope that you will decorate- in this way, you need not struggle to colour it and the chances of screwing up will decrease.

Step 2-The decorating part

In this step, I will give you three ways for decorating the envelope but you could do it in any ways that you want.

  •      Hand lettering and doodlingimg_6119

You could write anything that you want on the envelope, just feel free to doodle around with your coloured pens, drawing pens, crayons, markers and anything that suits you

  • Painting one side of the envelope and also putting peculiar detailsimg_6122

That is actually an example of painting the whole side, you could paint anything you want in any forms. Just remember to be creative and let your imaginations fly. You could also use other thing to give details for the painting like candle wax.


As you see, the green things are the drops of candle wax which I actually wanted to look like a christmas tree but I think that it ended up looking like random blobs of paint.

3. Put the present inside the envelope and SEAL IT

The last step is to out the present inside and twist then turn the string and seal it. I usually seal it with was and you could do it by burning the candle and wait for the wax to melt. After that, you could pour the candle to the top of the strings like this:IMG_6114.JPG

You could turn it to various shapes as long as it cover the strings, or else the candle wax would easily crack as I find these candle wax to be fragile. Here are examples of the end results:IMG_6115.JPG

So, that is one of my ways for wrapping presents but I usually do this one for books. So, Christmas is less than a week away and I hope that you will have a great Christmas!!!


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