Short Story: Life Brimmed With Ironies

Genre: Fiction
I come from a simple family who has to suffer many injustices. My father has a sister who steals my grandma’s money and bullies her but I do wonder on why does my grandma still loves her. She isn’t a daughter which brought pride to a family but could be considered as a shame, yet my grandma still spoils her with all the protection and money, albeit she knows that her daughter who was a shame to the family . Funny. That doesn’t sound right. Hilarious. The exact word. She had manipulated most of the people in the family to hate my father and his family, it did worked on some but as time flies, many people had ignored her and some began to hate me due to her false accusations.

I have obesity, that is what I could say about me. Why do I have obesity? Its not my mom’s fault of course. Its actually my grandmother’s but its not her, its the devil’s fault, that is what I call the evil sister of my father. Now, I am living in a life with people calling me fat due to the devil’s insult to my mother. Then here comes the twist, which is non of them are true. Hilarious? It is indeed.
My grandma’s life is at the edge of the cliff due to that notorious human being. She was fed with food that was poison to her organ system. What did the devil get? Praise. My grandma was about to say her last words and my father saved her life through his prayer. What did he get? NOTHING, the devil took all his hard work. My grandma cannot use a tablet yet my other aunt still forced her to. The devil used the chance and said that my brothers used it. What did she get? She was treated like a god, being praised as if she achieved something really big. My mother helped my grandma earn billions by letting a multinational company rent her land. What did she get? NOTHING, in fact accusations of stealing my grandmother’s money when she LOSES money. Then what did the devil get? THE MONEY, she uses her mother’s money. Isn’t it ridiculous?
I also have a cousin who I seldom talk to. She was of no benefit to  me but when her father comes, I just asked how is she and told him about my life. Her father is a good man indeed. But what did I get from her? HATRED, as I am talkative. I do admit that I am but I read newspapers and I am just telling her a bitof things that I tell my friends about. My friends are intellectual people who prioritizes education and has astounding family backgrounds. Her? Nothing much, just a teenager who doesn’t seem to care about education. I care for her but she doesn’t.
Its pretty funny when people say that relatives are better than friends. Most of my relatives are people that I could talk to. Others? its basically the devil or my cousin who is really irrelevant. I do sound like I am whining. Yes. I am whining. My friends treats me like a family. Not just a person that they know.
As I grew up, I realized that there was no point of complaining. I decided to stop. Stop caring about the bad things happening to me and my parents. I want to be like my parents. They accept the fact that people forgets about the true effort. They do not do bad things after that but they keep on doing good things. My parents thought me that when you do good things, do it wholly. Do not expect credits. Do not expect respect. Do not expect anything. Except for a positive outcome.
Life is full of ironies. La vie est pleine d’ironies. Good things will happen to the bad. Bad things will happen to the good. But do not mind it as your hard work will earn respect. It might not be seen by man but God is there. He is always there for you. What we suffer now is nothing to what Christ had to bear at the cross. Believe that Christ is here. Do what is good in his perspective. Work hard and Pray hard. Life is indeed brimmed with ironies. But remember. That Christ will never leave us.
by: Alexandra Sipahutar

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