Around The World In 80 Days

Phileas Fogg, decided to go around the world in a limit of 80 days, after making a bet with his peers at the Reform Club. This peculiar bet is indeed a challenge for him as the weather could not be predicted yet he had to suffer the misfortune of being mistaken as a bank robber by one of the detectives assigned by the government, to find the culprit of a bank robbery which happened a few days before he left. Phileas Fogg’s source of fortune is a mystery to the people, which might be a reason for the detective to run after him.

His journey started really well with his loyal servant, Passepartout, who he had just assigned a few hours before his departure. Another character is detective  Fix, who increases the chance for Phileas Fogg to lose the bet which is indeed risky. Albeit they had  a good start, things became more complicated as they go further through the journey around the world as they are in a race against time. The journey is not only jumping from one place to another as Phileas Fogg saved a person in India and learnt a lot from the journey.

If I have to tell you about what I love about the book then I have to say that I love everything about it as I love travelling and I am glad that there are planes nowadays, as I need not struggle to find modes of transport and it would not take me more than a week to travel from one end of the world to another. Jules Verne developed the story really well as I struggled to get it off my hands and I really want to experience going around the world in 80 days which would be really fun.

Jules Verne’s style is really good and it really suits the content, so I really enjoyed reading it and I felt sad as the journey ended but I have a jubilant feeling about the ending as I am truly satisfied with it. I could actually go on and on about the story but I want you to check it out as it was really fun reading it.

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