Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children (Movie)

Jake Portman grew up being a misfit to his society in Florida, he could be considered as a peculiar indeed. His parents can’t seem to understand him and he only had his grandfather, Abe Portman, who tells him bedtime stories about monsters and a home where he spent his childhood in, a home for peculiar children, children who has weird but unique abilities, located in the coast of Wales with Miss Peregrine who was their headmistress. 

Unfortunately, Jake Portman had to suffer a misfortune of losing his grandfather who could be said as his living rock. He witnessed the death of his grandfather with the appearance of a monster from his grandfather’s stories which seemed to hit him really hard as no one seemed to believe what he witnessed except for his psychiatrist. As a result, he went to Wales and found the home of the story told by his grandpa in a ruined state due to the bomb that was dropped on 3 September 1943. He then decided to explore the site and found out that his grandfather’s stories are not fantasy but reality as he saw the peculiars in a cave, which was a loop that his grandfather mentioned.The loop brought him back to 1934 and could also bring him back to 2016.

There he met Emma who was as light as air, Olive who is apyrokinentic, the invisible Millard, super strong Bronwyn, stylish Horace which could project his dreams, adorable Claire with extra sharp tooth mouth in the back part of her head, Enoch who could temporarily resurrect the dead, the masked Twins who are gorgons, Hugh Apiston the bee boy, Fiona who could control plants and with no doubt, Miss Peregrine, the headmistress. Miss Peregrine is a type of peculiar called Ymbryne who could manipulate time and turn themselves into birds. As their life is always in danger, they live in a time loop where everyday repeats itself and if they are far from it, they might get old or even worse, die.

Due to the monster called hollows, these peculiar children lives under the threat of the bad peculiars, which turns themselves into hollows and fed on the eyes of the peculiars to regain human form. As a result, everyone in Miss Peregrine’s home is under a threat and all of the children has a mission, which is to save Ms.Peregrine and also destroy all the hollows and wights to save the world.

Well, that was what I remembered from what I have watched and I must say that it is a good movie worth watching with your family or for movie nights.I would rate it a 3.5/5 as I expected more in second half of the movie with the duration of a round two hours. The first half was perplexing but the second half was disappointing as I believe that something more could be done. Nevertheless, I think that this movie is a good one and worth watching, I also plan to get the book so that I could read it and do a review on it as it surely sound interesting.


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