Little Women

Image result for transatlantic press classics little womenThis magnificent piece managed to stun me by the bond of the March sisters, Margaret (Meg)-the oldest of them all,  Josephine (Jo)-the tomboy who loves to write, Elizabeth (Beth)-the shy and quiet one and Amy-the artistic one. All of them are different yet their unbreakable bond was seen crystal clear in this magnificent work of Louisa May Alcott.

These girls suffered a misfortune as their father had to be sent to war and their financial condition had not been very good, as a result they had to spend their christmas with empty stockings. Well, these empty stockings didn’t ruin their Christmas as they then helped a family with a new born baby, helping the family with giving their Christmas breakfast yet they still managed to be happy and spread light to the family by putting a play. Mr.Laurence, their neighbor then helped them by supplying food.

Well, this is the start of their adventure in growing up and I had just read the first part, which is the one before they reach their womanhood and I must say that this story really shows me the struggle of growing up and suffering many things. It is indeed a challenge to grow up and suffer unexpected things at the same time, yet the girls managed to prove that they could do so. The thing that astounds me the most is the love that they have for each other, its all genuine and not faux. Another thing is their will to improve, for the sake of their father, it sure is a big vision which they do not only expect but work for it, all of them worked really hard for it and they did that seriously.

From this book, I learnt that life is hard and we should strive for it, does not sound good  but that is reality, we could get through it even though we think that we won’t. The story of the March household is developed in an outstanding manner which with no doubt, keeps it interesting from the start till the need of the stories. Besides that, I think that I should start hunting for the second volume as the first one taught me lots of life values.


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