Sherlock Holmes- 12 Short Stories Compilation


Out of all the Sherlock Holmes books available in this world, I must say that I am addicted through my first experience with the compilation of twelve stories. Through this, I learnt that crime is a common thing in reality and logic is rare which is why many crimes in the world can’t be solved and logic seemed to be needed. The need of logic in solving crime is proven through Sherlock Holmes’s adventure in sloving interesting mysteries which seems to be impossible to solve, yet he managed to do so with his perplexing logic.

The first story in this book is “A Scandal In Bohemia” which is about the Bohemian King who sought for Holmes to get a picture of his past from someone else as it might ruin his future, the case might sound simple but the king ended up asking for Holmes’s help as he failed to get the picture albeit he tried to do so through hook or crook. In a different story titled “The Red Headed League” which talks about a league that only includes people with a specific shade of red hair, pawnbroker Jabez Wilson, responds to that advertisement and became a part of it because of his hair, he was well paid in an undemanding job, unfortunately the league dissolved which caused him to go for the well reputated detective’s help.

There were also stories which was about murder like “Five Orange Pips” where the serial killer sent five orange pips to his victims-who are related to each other, before killing them in a way of making their death caused by an ‘accident’. Another one is “The Boscombe Valley Mystery”, it talks about a murder of a man whose cause of death could be considered full of ironies.

His hunt for a missing person could be found in “A Case Of Identity”, “The Man With The Twisted Lip” and “The Adventure Of The Noble Bachelor”. All three of these seems to be filled with different causes of the disappearance of their beloved, it was all impossible to solve yet Sherlock Holmes cracked the case and received peculiar results.

The loss of jewels were solved by Holmes in “The Adventure Of Blue Carbuncle” and “The Adventures Of Beryl Coronet”, those two was what could be called confusing as they were found in a unique manner. There was a story which had an animal as the culprit, it might be a spoiler but read “The Adventures Of The Speckled Band” to find out why. Engineers were also invloved in “The Adventures Of The Engineer’s Thumb”, which is where we would know the story of the lost thumb. Last but not least is “The Adventure Of Copper Beeches”, where the person hired as a well paid governess was indirectly tasked to play a role of someone else.

Well, Arthur Conan Doyle managed to carve all the mysteries in a simple proccess yet unexpected ending, he showed that logic is an essential to solving cases and I really fancy that. Crime will always happen in this word but it requires pure logic to answer it as Holmes always solves all his mysteries logically with all the sources given. I was truly perplexed by Conan Doyle’s magic of making yet solving mysteries. Besides that, I must get more of Sherlock Homes as I am addicted.


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