Wuthering Heights

Lockwood, the tenant of Thrushcross Grange had to stay in Wuthering Heights, the home of his landlord, Heathcliff. The stay wasn’t a normal one, as through that he began to find mysteries about his landlord, the past of his cold hearted landlowuthering-heightsrd. His question was then solved through a servant named Nelly Dean, who knew Heathcliff eversince his arrival in the Heights. Through her he discovered the tragic love story of Heathcliff with the late Catherine Earnshaw, the daughter of the real owner of Wuthering Heights.

   Heathcliff was brought home by Catherine’s father and his arrival was warmly greeted by Catherine but was coldly greeted by her brother, Hindley Earnshaw, who made Heathcliff’s life at the heights miserable. This then torn Heathcliff apart for his love to Catherine and the hatred that he has for her brother Hindley, who was then sent to college. The death of Catherine’s father made matters worst and the return of Hindley who had always loathed Heathcliff, made the life of Heathcliff more miserable. As Heathcliff could bear the pain no more, he left and his return as a different man was welcomed with the betrayal of Catherine who is still in love with Heathcliff. This incident then filled Heathcliff with vengeance for the future generations.

That is just a bit of Wuthering Heights from my perspective and I dare not proceed as I find the matters getting more complicated and it should be read directly from the book as we go further. The first unique thing about the book is the title, the peculiar title gave me a sense of vivacity which pulled me into reading the book. Emily’s complex yet stupendous style perplexed me from the start of the story till the end, I could not describe my love towards her marvelous style.

This story might be a tragical romance but I must say that I find it leaning more into the tragedy than the romance, the tragic love story of Catherine and Heathcliff does not seem to have any will to end. Persistent was their love story, Catherine’s death did not end their melancholic love story but instead brimmed Heathcliff with vengeance which made their children suffer until his last breath. I could really feel the pain that the younger generation endured through Emily Brontë’s intricate style which I find to be expressive. The ending might be tragic at one perspective but in another, it brought joy to the other characters.

Nevertheless, I must admit that Emily Brontë’s only novel is made of staggering content and it had entered my list of the best classics of all time. I could compare Emily’s style with Shakespeare as their styles are complex yet expressive at the same time. Her sisters, Charlotte and Anne, who are also astounding classical writers seems to influence her and I was actually surprised to know that Wuthering Heights was edited by Charlotte for the paperback copy which I got. Through this, I learnt that the Brontë sisters seems to love each other tenderly and they showed me the good way of sibling love which is through sharing your interests.


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