The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer (Book Review)

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer managed to teach me a lot of things about the life of a mischievous boy and as we go further in the story, that is when we get to know Tom even more. He might seem to be a naughty lad before we read this book as this legendary character had made some cameo appearances, showing his naughty side but I had been intrigued since the first page of the book till the end. One adventure is not enough for Tom Sawyer which could be the reason for Mark Twain to title the book as “The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer”, reading one adventure of this mischievous boy is not enough for me as I find his adventures really interesting.

Poor Tom lost his mother at a young age and was raised by his aunt Polly who played the role of his mother really well. He does do some mischief but he is not naughty and is a boy with a good heart.  There were times when aunt Polly expressed her anger to him but there were also times when his dear aunt showed her genuine love to him, it might seem weird but that is one of the interesting part of the story. Besides that, Tom’s adventures with his friends Joe Harper and Huckleberry Finn were really fascinating and it could give the readers an idea on how does it feel to survive in the nature. One of the coolest adventure to me was the one that happened between Huckleberry Finn and Tom Saywer, it actually surprises me when they wanted to defend Muff Potter albeit they were young. The book also showed Tom Sawyer’s love story that goes from a heartbreaking one with Amy Lawrence to a happy ending with Becky Thatcher.

STUNNING. That was what I had in mind as I reached the last page of the book which seems to start a new adventure again, well Tom Sawyer is just a start as there are more to come from the books in the series of Tom Sawyer. Nevertheless, I must admit that this masterpiece written by Mark Twain is stunning and I believe that I should read the other books in the series as I am craving for more of their adventure and I would not say anything more about their adventures from this book as there is a whole lot of it that you should find on your own from the book itself. Mark Twain did a wondrous job in carving the story as the book is brimmed with intriguing adventures waiting for you to read it.


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